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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Misc. Pics From This Weekend

Both of these were taken at the Amish school auction on Saturday.I spent most of my time either eating or snapping ShadowShots, so not really many "regular" photos. The homemade ice cream was delish!
 These fish on poles grace both Libby and Troy, Montana creeks.  Aren't they cool? There are also fabulous gigantic metal sculptures of eagles around Libby. I'll try to remember to get some pics of them next time. 
I was inspired to put a few different items on our mantelpiece this weekend.  The cannibal fisher-fish is a favorite of mine. It's his first time on the mantel, so I decided to give him the featured position. I really enjoy fly fishing.  Well, actually, any kind of fishing puts me in 7th heaven.  

I am having a heck of a time getting this post laid out properly, so please forgive me if it looks weird.  Blessings on the heads of all who pass this way.  Remember, Jesus loves you most of all!
love from farrr North Idaho,


Dorothy said...

Nice pictures, Cassie! that last one reminds me of the fireplace (and deer) in my son's house!!!

Janet said...

Bet the auction was really interesting and fun to- especially bidding for something that catches your eye ! Love catching a glimpse of your mantle piece -yours is a lot tidier than mine !

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your mantel is beautiful Cassie.
You need to get windows live more layout issues.

LL Cool Joe said...

Seeing your photos makes me want to be in the States again!

I love the fish on poles!

Sciarada said...

Ciao my dear Cassie, I love your photos and I love life is represented through their!
A kiss for you and Patrick!