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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artists Patrick & Cassie!

Here Patrick and I are cleaning the glaze off the bottom of our pieces. This is done so they won't meld to the floor of the kiln when they are fired. This was actually the last step we did.
These are the two pieces that we dipped in Woo Blue, a high heat glaze. They look red now, but once they are fired again they will be a really pretty blue.
Jade, who instructed us in the glazing process, was very knowledgeable. She's telling Pat that normally you don't want the tongs to hit the pottery like that, but because the opening is so small it can't be helped. So, after he's done dipping he will dab some glaze where it missed.
Here Patrick is dipping one of his pieces in the Woo Blue.
Who knew Woo Blue would start out red before firing? Not me!
Here I am trying my hand at dipping in the Woo Blue. (Gee I like saying that color!)
This is what our pottery looked like after the first firing and before we put the glaze on it. I was very conservative with my wheel work because I was afraid I'd ruin another pot. I used too much pressure on my first one and it flew to pieces and off the wheel! Patrick, on the other hand, seemed like a natural (our wheel instructor, Casey, said he was "golden" ) and his 2 pieces have much more character than mine. Can you guess which ones were made by whom?
Don't know how many of you are familiar with Groupon, but I have become a Groupon addict since returning to Phoenix. I have always loved a deal, and there are some excellent deals with Groupon. Thus far I've gotten:
  • Steaks for Patrick for half price at fab Phx. butcher, Hobe Meats.
  • Half price therapeutic massage at Movement Restoration.
  • Half price coupon for Nutty Guys. (haven't used this one yet)
  • Half price frozen yogurt at Yogurtology.
  • Half price classes at Desert Dragon Pottery for Pat & me.

Anywhooo,we took our pottery class a little over 3 weeks ago. (I was kicking myself that I forgot to take Patrick's camera.) It was so cool. I always wanted to try my hand at the pottery wheel. It is not near as easy as it looks folks. I envisioned making this fabulous creation, and in reality I turned out 2 canned shaped pots! It was lots of fun though and in about a month Patrick will pick up our finished products. If anyone out there is a ceramic artist my hat is off to you.

It's Wednesday, Humpday, so the week is half over! Blessings to all who pass this way.

love, Cassie


Janet said...

Hi Cassie! look forward to seeing the finished products - glazed ! its great fun to have a go-isn`t it ? I wish the stuff I made looked half as good as yours and Patrick`s -you are both a naturally gifted ! xx

Daisy said...

They look great, Cassie! It all looks pretty involved to me. Hope you are having a good week! :)

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Janet~Thanks for the compliment, but I think this may be my one and only foray into thrown pottery...Other than buying it!

Daisy~Thank you too. I'm pretty useless unless I can write instructions down and this did not lend itself to that.hehe.

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Cassie, you both did a great job. I love throwing pots and took every class I could when I lived in SoCal. I miss it now but one day I'm dreaming that I'll have my own studio - I already have my building, I just have to get the wheel and kiln - I can just imagine puttering around there all day with Scotties at my feet - heaven on earth!!


ros@dimaggio63 said...

Questo deve essere alquanto divertente :))
Buona giornata.

Spiderdama said...

Looks great! Wonderful post.
Thanks for all your nice comments.
Hope you can go to Norway some day:-)
Hugs from Tania

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cassie, I am addicted to Groupon TOO.
I think your pots are gorgeous...I imagine it is harder to THROW a pot than we would think. BUT actually THROWING part of your pot across the room must happen alot. :)
You and Patrick are so cute.

Dawn said...

gosh what great things you are finding on groupon!!! i don't think our local stuff has been too great. but a pottery class?! a great find, and looks like great fun!!! woo (hoo!)blue

Nick Thomas said...

And I thought was going to be another Elvis blog - Don't Be Cruel :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I've thrown a few pots in my younger years, and thrown most of them away straight afterwards! ;D

Hey Harriet said...

Woo Blue! Cool name! It's fascinating how the glazes come out different colours after firing to how they appear when applying them. I love that you shared your experience in pottery making! I've once tried it and I also have a huge amount of respect for ceramic artists as it's not easy! Your attempts look much more impressive than mine!

Cassie said...

Thanks for the compliment Tracy! I'm afraid Pat's the real artist when it comes to ceramics though. Mine are pretty blah!

The Japanese Redneck said...

That looks like fun. I did ceramics a couple of times.

Green Jeannie said...

You look so happy in those photos! They have cheered me right up!!