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Monday, August 23, 2010

COLOR ~ Week 3 ~ Yellow

These were the first yellow Calla Lilies I have ever seen. I got them at our local Safeway store.
Yesterday Patrick, Jessica, David and I went to visit the game preserve. Jessica's yellow/mustard colored sweater really stood out. I took a lot of pictures there and might just regale you with them later!
These flowers were a gift a few weeks ago from my friend Shelly. She knew I was feeling a bit "blue" so thought some yellow would cheer me up!
Aw come on, you didn't really think I'd do a post without one pooch picture, did you?!
You've probably guessed, today is Color Monday and our color is yellow!
To join in, or just see the other entries in Color Monday, please follow the rainbow on over to Jen's blog! She's our hostess and has all the other participants listed there.


Anonymous said...

Love your choices for yellow Cassie! That last photo is cute as can be. Happy Monday.

Loui♥ said...

Hi Cassie..
Love all the yellow stuff.
but your Pooch pic is MY favorite!
warm sandy hugs..

Jen said...

Happy Yellow Cassie
Love how you made the yellow bling in you pictures!
Enjoy your time with your family! :)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Poochie is all over that rubber duck!

Cute pictures.

Hope the flowers did cheer you up!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your yellows...and I do hope you are not feeling BLUE!
Love how you popped Jessica's yellow sweater out of the photos, you are clever my friend!

Margaret said...

Aww..Hootie with a rubber chicken. Now I'm cheered up!

Lovely flowers, too. Happy Monday!

Steve Finnell said...

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Dorothy said...

Wonderful post today featuring Yellow! Very Cheerful looking!

Janet said...

Very nice photos for Yellow Monday. I especially like the way you did the yellow sweater pics.

covnitkepr1 said...

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Daisy said...

What a neat post, Cassie! I think you've been playing with some photo editing software. ;) Loved it! Hope you have a great week!

Caroline said...

Hootie makes my heart smile :-)

Sciarada said...

Buona sera carissima Cassie,
"The sweet spring ads are the preamble to the summer harvest, as well as the sweet languor of mixed yellow autumn are the prelude to the rough force of winter."

(Carlo Gasparini)

John Gray said...

clever cassie!!

i want that rubber chicken!!!