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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Flagpole Dedication and Flag Raising

Yesterday Patrick and I went to "Come STAND w/ us as we dedicate a new Flagpole & Raise the Flag" at our sheriff's office.  I wore my period costume and said a few words as a representative of the Flag Committee for our Wild Horse Trail Chapter of the DAR. The mission of DAR is to promote patriotism, education & honoring our veterans. We seek to instill these values in the young people of today, our future leaders. I handed out little flags and a pamphlet with The Flag Code to school age children that attended.
The passing of the flag from one veteran to another was quite touching. My husband, Pat, is the one receiving and handing off the flag in the bottom two photos. Even though there was a light mist in the air, it was a lovely morning.

God bless any who pass this way, and God bless America.