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Monday, August 24, 2009

Z to A Monday ~ The Letter T

Yes, even in farrr North Idaho we have televisions! Patrick and I don't have cable or dish, just a little antenna that helps to get in 3 of the 4 "big" networks and 5 public stations sometimes. Never the less, I still like to watch "the boob tube" on occasion and often have it keeping me company in the background while I'm reading at night. Well, a few weeks ago my (almost) new TV died. It's a sweet little Sharp flat screen that Patrick got with his 35 year award at his company in February. We didn't even open the box 'til we got up here in May, so I was shocked that it didn't even bleep when I turned it on one morning to check the weather. I plugged it in to different outlets and ... nothing. So I called Sharp and they said they would send me an email with instructions and a label to send it back to them. It cost $24.00 have it boxed and shipped to them in Illinois and I was a little miffed. I was anticipating a long drawn out affair. Much to my surprise within a week they overnight FedExed me a new TV!! I was ecstatic because the old one never seemed loud enough and the new one has great sound. Sharp has definitely won me over as a return customer. So, my word for today is TELEVISION...a Sharp one!!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Z to A Monday ~ The Letter U

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Upright: honorable

These pictures were taken at Meadowlark Log Homes and Farm to Market Store outside of Libby, Montana. Meadowlark is owned and operated by an Amish family with the surname Miller (my maiden name!). Our dealings with the Amish have been undeniably wonderful. Brothers Elvie, Joas and Lloyd and sister Leona are at the heart of the operations. CBS Construction, who raised our cabin for us, is owned by Amish brothers Corneal, Benjamin, Stephen & Marcus Girod and we love them too! We are utterly pleased with our log cabin that they made and feel like we made friends for life. These folks are some of the most honest, upright people that we have ever done business with. Also, Patrick and I are in unison with their support of Israel and admire that they are unashamed to show it. So today I am pleased to introduce you to the upright folks of Meadowlark Log Homes and CBS Construction.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Z back to A Monday ~ The Letter V

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Spelling correction: anomaly...sorry about that folks. No spell check on Picasa!
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Odds 'n Ends...

Seemingly innocent little angels, right? Pictures #2 & #3 are of a once whole, and quite whimsical fish. I made the mistake of leaving the pooches at home alone the other day and came home to find my fish (which was ON the table) laying on the floor in the chewed up state you see him in. I wish I had a before photo, 'cause he was really adorable. I kept candies in him on the table. Oddly, the candies were still in tact scattered on the table. Do you suppose some ghost dogs came in and did that damage? I can't imagine that my little darlings would do such a thing. Hmmmmm.

The "flower pot" with the geranium in it was once a sugar bowl. My buddy Maria sent me the sugar bowl and it had the sweetest lid. An acorn was the handle. Well, I dropped the lid about a month ago and was heart broken. Pat drilled a hole in the bottom of the bowl for me and now I have a nice little planter. He's going to figure out a way to resurrect the acorn for me too. Clever man.

Okay, I gotta go now, but not before I put out a special prayer request to my friends out there. Tomorrow night at 7pm Ricky Skaggs will be performing a free concert in Bonners's a gift to the community from Mtn. Springs Church, a new church here. (I'm going to help at the information booth.) Anyway, the weather report calls for rain & the concert is outdoors. Could you all pray that it is clear for the concert?? Thanks in advance.

love, Cassie

ps-As of 245pm Friday no stormy weather!! A few gray clouds. Keep on prayin'!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Z Back to A Monday ~ The Letter W

Wow, too many W words to name them all!

Walking Sticks - My father always used to use a walking stick when he would survey his land. The stick pictured on the left is made of sassafras wood and was a stick I purchased for Daddy a few years before he died. After he was gone my mother thoughtfully gave it to me. I love it. The stick on the right, which I just bought for Patrick a few weeks ago, is probably pine. It was made by Nathanial, a young man whose father makes his living building log furniture. (His dad built our loft bathroom cabinet.)

Wanderlust - This is what my pooches get every once in awhile, just when I begin to trust the little stinkers to stay around the cabin. Yes, those adorable dogs will run off and totally ignore my calling them. Maybe they’ll even turn around and glance at me before heading into the woods like 2 whippets. This causes me to get very upset as you might guess. We are going to have to invest in an underground fence I’m afraid. :>(

Way Up North - One of my favorite blogs! Rev. Paul writes this one and I wish I could get over there to read it more often. He has a really diverse bunch of posts ranging from the weather reports in Anchorage to updates on volcanic activity of Mt. Redoubt to patriotic themes and jokes!

Woven Broom - The very looooong broom laying on our hearth is from the North Woven Broom, a shop in Crawford Bay, B.C. Canada. It’s for getting cobwebs in high places! I’ll do a post devoted to this very cool shop at a later date. (They made the Harry Potter brooms!!)

Whitefish, Montana - One of my favorite places. Years ago we used to spend our summers up on the Big Mountain at Whitefish. That is when we cultivated our love for the farrr north country in the Pacific Northwest.

Wonderful Guy - Yup, that's my Patrick! His big ole Patrick head is plastered on the side of the United Blood Services of AZ bus, 'cause he's a hero. Now his head really does need its own weather system. hehehe.

Wave - Bye bye for now! Please check out Jen’s blog for more Z to A players.

love, Cassie aka: Waskle Wabbit