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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #171 ~ More PA Shadows

Adding more Shadows from when I was in Pennsylvania with Mom, if blogger cooperates right now!  For Shadow Shots from around the world, go see Miss Tracy in Australia HERE.  Hoping you all are having a lovely weekend.  The pooches and I, we're going to help at our local Canine Karnival to raise a few bucks for Pawsitive Works, a worthy organization.

love, Cassie

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shadow Shot #170 ~ Pennsylvania Shadows

While helping Mom out here in Pennsylvania I found a trove of shadows just waiting to be captured.  These are a few that jumped out at me from her lawn one dewy morning. I've accumulated enough here to do a couple more posts at least now. So, stay tuned!

For more shooters of shadows, go see our Australian hostess, Tracy, HERE.  Blessings on the head of each person who passes this way.
love, Cassie

Saturday, August 6, 2011

#168 ~ Shadow Shot Sunday

This is a Shadow Shot that I took of my only grandson 6 years ago.  He had just turned 6 years old and this was his first trip to Disneyland.  Toy Story was his favorite movie at the time, and he carried his cowboy,Woody, around with him just like Andy in the movie.  It was a Grammy/Grandson trip and he and I had a blast.  We traveled there on a tour bus and spent 2 nights.  The night we watched the electric light parade he put his arms around me, squeezed me, and said, "Grammy, this is the best time in my whole, entire life.".  I'll never forget the joy in that little fellow's face. 

Anywhooooo, for more Shadow Shots check out our hostess, Tracy's blog at HeyHarriet.  Blessings to all who pass this way.
love, Cassie