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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday #197 ~ New England Aquarium

Leafy Sea Dragon
This is my friend Maria next to what I believe is a Goliath Grouper.
Here is another picture of the fish I've identified as a Goliath Grouper.  If anyone can identify this fish as other than a Grouper, please make sure to tell me in your comment, so I can change this label!

Sea Turtle (Really HUGE!)
Sea Slug & Anemone
Winter Flounder 'eying' Me & Lobster
Sea Anemones & A Fish
Sea Anemones
More Jellyfish
And More Jellyfish
Last week Patrick and I spent in the Boston area.  While our husbands went to school, my friend, Maria and I took the train to the New England Aquarium in Boston(as well as a side trip to a shopping plaza).  The aquarium was quite amazing and afforded me plenty of Shadow Shots.  I took about 100 photos inside the aquarium, but many didn't turn out as good as I had hoped.  Either my flash made a glare or when I turned off the flash the slow shutter speed made them a blur.  Oh well, I hope these photos that I've posted aren't too hard to look at.

For additional Shadow Shots please swim over to our host blog HERE.  This week, playing hostess to our international group, is the lovely Gemma, from Melbourne, Australia.  I hope that all who visit here are blessed in some small (or large!) way.Please come again.

love, Cassie

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday #196


The top shadowy visage is our Airedale, Baby Rocket Dog, trying to get me to toss her ball for her while I was on the computer.  The next 3 shots I took while our Welsh Terrier, Hootie, was at his beginners agility class with Sun Dog Training & Behavior.  The course has some very large China Berry trees around the perimeter.  The third shot is where China Berry and Bamboo converge.  It is quite pleasant looking up while at agility class, but usually I'm busy either running Hootie or watching the other dogs learn to do the course.  If you double click on the last photo you get a better view of the berries.  They are very hard and Patrick told me that when he was a kid they used to use them with their sling shots.  Ouch!  To view more Shadow Shots from around the world, you can go over to or just click HERE.  Thanks to Rose, our hostess this week!

Hootie insisted that I include him in my SSS too, so here he is doing a good sit.  Blessings to all who pass this way.
love, Cassie

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday #195 ~ Happy Valentine's Day!!

The Phoenix Zoo had a fundraiser several years ago and my sweetie bought this brick as a gift for me.  There is an identical one on the walkway to the Phoenix Zoo, so if you ever go to the zoo, look around row 121 for our brick!  The hand sculpture is my Valentine's gift to Patrick this year.   It means "I love you" in American Sign Language (ASL).  I think it's nice to have these little reminders around.

This weeks hostess for Shadow Shot Sunday is Toby in Israel.  For shadow shots from around the world, just click HERE.

Here's hoping you all have a good weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Neat Video of The Sheep Herding Rabbit

This is such a cool YouTube video of Champis ~ The Big Little Rabbit.    My pooches little friend, Lacie the Lakie, pointed it out to us.  We have since gone to Sweden, via the blog of the folks who made this, and it is wonderful!  Their blog address is: .  Go take a look. 
Have a great week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday #194 ~ Sunset In Phoenix

Here is the view from our patio at sunset.  We're in the city, so not a whole lot of neighbors in the evening (other than coyotes & roadrunners!).  I like it that way!
To see more Shadow Shots click here.  Our hostess this weekend is Magical Mystical Teacher.
Blessings & love,