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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dogs, Dogs and Grass In Kennel

I turned my back for one minute and crash, bark, bark, bark. Baby Rocket Dog was alerting me that Hootie had pulled my tablecloth from the table and broken my Polish Pottery candlestick holder. Another inch and my PP stars & stripes bowl (full of yummy bugman cherries) would have bit the dust too. Thanks Baby. Then there is Hootie in "jail" for his crime. That was a bad day. A few hours later Baby came running up out of the woods and both front legs were COVERED in bright, red blood. I freaked out and immediately called Dr. Hall (after hours)one of the vets she goes to. He asked if it was a puncture, gash or scrape. Of course, I had no idea, all I saw was lots of blood. He calmed me down and said to wash her off and find out what it was and call him back if it needed stitches. He said if it was minor, just put neosporin on it. When I asked if dogs legs bleed alot he chuckled and said yes. I fear he thinks I'm one of those helicopter "pet parents"! After bathing her (boy was she dirty!) it was just a tiny little scrape. Pictures of some blood and her leg are also posted here. After getting her all bathed and blow dried (1 hour) decided I should wash the little guy too. Seems all I did that day was clean up!

The last pic is from yesterday afternoon. I had an appointment and left Baby over at Lucy's for a short play date. Jon & Mary are Lucy's owners and we are blessed to have met these nice people. Lucy is on the left and Baby is the one lying down, being covetous of Lucy's rawhide chew. My good friend Julia kept Hootie over at her place while I was down in Sandpoint. She has 4 teenage boys (+hubby, + 22yr old, Ian) at home, so a little more testosterone doesn't faze her a bit! Thanks Jon, Mary & Julie for giving me a few hours off!

I threw in a picture of the new grass (10 days old) Patrick planted in the outdoor kennel. It looks so pretty I hate to put the little stinkers in it! Blessings on your heads, Cassie

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Riding In The Car & Relaxing

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie really are cute together. He loves her & she lets him act silly. A good couple! She chased a moose cow from under our deck a few days ago. It was pretty interesting seeing this normally mellow Airedale be the protector of the turf. I actually tried to calm her down, but there was no listening to me. She barked and jumped around and was quite a trip. Meanwhile I took Hootie inside and hunted for my camera. Too late of course.
Yesterday I had to get them out for 2 hours while Phil, the bugman, sprayed our cabin. We drove around the countryside on dirt roads, then up toward Canada to Brush Lake. What a couple darbs! Neither of these supposed water dogs would set foot in the lake. Baby did find some good smell to roll in though, so it wasn't a wasted trip. Stopped at the elk farm on the way home so she could get some heavy duty barking in. A good time was had by some. May the Lord bless you and keep you always, Cassie

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Official...

I no longer own a single pair of light colored slacks without dog prints on them. Here is the cheat grass (AKA fox tails) story: Last week we took Hootie to the vet for his 2nd set of shots & mentioned that he had been shaking his head a few days earlier and was now sensitive around his left shoulder. The vet peered into his ear with his ear thingy and said his ear was full of puss. (Lovely.) Anyway, Dr. H. knocked Hootie out and cleaned it out and found a piece of cheat grass had caused the problem. Poor little guy. I'm still putting Animax in his ear 3X per day. Okay, now cut to yesterday. Baby Rocket Dog started shaking her head & I immediately called the vet and took her down town. Yep, after the vet knocked her out she also found a piece of cheat grass in baby's right ear pressed against the eardrum. It took a few tries to finally get it out. She used some micro surgery tweezers to retrieve it. I caught this one in time so it didn't get time to become infected. Now putting Animax in Baby's right ear. Just call me nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. Both dogs seem fine...all this cheat grass stuff is taking it's toll on me though. I'm going to post a picture of a card I just received in the mail today from my daughter, Jessica, as well as a part of her note to me. Just in case the note doesn't turn out, here is what it says: "I found this old picture of you in your cheerleader uniform when I was going through some boxes. Is the "M" for Miller? (my maiden name) " Jesus loves you! Laugh & Love, Cassie

Friday, July 18, 2008

My First Attempts At Digital Videos

Views Of The Cabin

Here are a few shots of the cabin that I took yesterday. [East, North, Northeast & South] Still need to take a pic of the West side and the walk out basement (that still advertises for Tyvek). This past week Rich Brown of BR Concrete,Inc stained our basement floor--the prep is the biggest part of it. He sealed it yesterday & I LOVE it. Reminds me of the inside of a geode. Very unique. He came highly recommended and I can see why. Also, he is one really nice fellow. Hope you enjoy the pictures. The one of my front door mat is especially for my new friend Jen (who enjoys signs). It's just another of my hermit things. All my grouchy hints don't seem to work though, as I still have little neighbor kids stopping by to visit me. Go figure. I was hoping one would stop by when I had my green face mask on. That would send someone screaming home. He he he. Better go now, as both dogs are at the cabin alone. I have some doggy tales for you all that will have to wait 'til next time. (Ever hear of cheat grass??) God bless all who read this. love, Cassie

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Helloooooo From Far North Idaho

Can hardly believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Time goes way too quickly anymore. My sweetheart is down in Arizona once again and says it is SO hot. Being here at home he got a chance to cool off for a while at least. Of course it was the warmest it had been all summer while he was here digging in the ground and moving furniture up a flight of stairs. No one will ever accuse Patrick of being a lazy bones. (That title is reserved for me!) The new pup, Hootie, has made himself at home. (Unfortunately that includes being very comfortable with piddling on the floor when I am not being attentive to him.) Baby Rocket Dog puts up with him hanging off of her face and biting her legs...for just so long, then POW! She'll nail him and he runs for cover. A friend of mine told me that Welsh Terriers are just like badgers. "They take a licking and keep on ticking." I'm beginning to think she is right about that. Hootie (short for Hairy Houdini) will tuck & roll when Baby R.D. does her dive bomber impersonation, then he is right back for more. I must try to get a picture of the shenanigans to post here. While Patrick was home he did more than just work. Took time to enjoy each other and I even made him breakfast in bed twice. Considering I can call a can of tuna (or bowl of ice cream;<) dinner when I am alone up here, that was an effort on my part. Twice we ate at a new place in town called Papa Byrd's and it is a great addition to the dining scene. We also went down to Sandpoint and last Saturday went to an event called a Stand Down put on by Viet Nam Vets and some other veteran groups. Pat served in the Army in Viet Nam, so we checked it out. It was pretty cool actually. There were different tables with all sorts of info and tons of Army surplus. It was a fraternity of sorts, so all the folks there were really friendly. I'm proud of my husband for his contribution to liberty. All the vets deserve our respect. Only those who were/are overseas fighting know the true toll it takes. Let us all keep our soldiers in our prayers. The other big event of last week was July 12/13th which was my 20th born again birthday. The reason I say 12/13th is because I was working the graveyard shift (symbolic of my then dead spirit?) at the power plant when I was saved at approximately 2 a.m. So, I celebrate both days as my rebirth. Praise the Lord for saving a wretch like me!! I will be forever grateful to Jesus for coming into my life and giving me the peace that passes all understanding. Okay friends, I better get back home to check on the little pup. Baby is with me here in the car. Had to give her a break from Hootie too. I'll try to get some good pics to post soon. Blessings on your heads! Because of Him, Cassie

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Patrick is back home and he and the new pup, Hootie (short for Harry Houdini), are settled in. Baby Rocket Dog was so happy to have her "daddy" home too. We normally go to the parade downtown on the 4th, but this year, for some reason they did not have a parade. They had cancelled the fireworks because they were to come from a town in China that was demolished by the earthquake, but why did they cancel the parade?? Oh well, on July 5th the 25th Army National Guard band came to the park and had a very excellent concert. They were very professional, yet the Sgt. that was the announcer was also playful and funny. We took the 2 dogs with us...yes, we are those people! (pictures I took were too far away) On July 4th our neighbor Cindy had a big party for Jim's 55th birthday. We all brought a dish (I did angeled eggs & a cheese platter) and their son-in-law,Don was the dog & burgermeister. The food was yummers, fellowship sweet and strawberry frozen drinks were very tasty. A good time was had by all. Patrick had a couple days to rest, now he is back to slaving. Has all but the washer and dryer carried up from the basement. He is outside raking and digging up weeds right now. I escaped to come to town to get this blog out. I started it yesterday, then all the connections down here went kaflooie & I lost all my jabbering. I'm going to try to get some pics from Jim's party posted now too. Enjoy. May the Lord of all things good smile on you this week. Blessings Always, Cassie

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Is Wrong With Me??

Okay, ladies & germs, I might be experiencing buyers remorse. Yesterday I drove down to State Line,WA and bought (my husband) a Welsh Terrier. Of course, he didn't know I was going to do this, but in the past has said (and I quote), "If you really think we need another dog....." Once I saw the little guy I was in love. He turns 8 weeks today and he LOVES Baby Rocket Dog. Now the jury is still out on whether she likes him. So far she shows off for him, steals his toys & food and acts annoyed that he likes to crawl on her and follows her all around. I sure hope they become good friends. I thought Baby needed a canine companion. He seems to be a real smart pup. Only did 1 pee pee in the house today...I wasn't vigilant enough. Seems very pleased with himself when he goes outside. I'm posting this at the library, so can't attach a picture, but will post pics at a later date. The guys finished the front step and stones this morning & I love the look. Also a moose (cow) was up visiting the cabin today while they were working. By the time I got my camera the pictures I took were at too much of a distance. Maybe I'll catch her again sometime. Better go now. If any of you think I was crazy to get another dog, please feel free to razz me. I hope it was the right decision. Blessings on your heads! love, Cassie